IMG_4883The application of mass spectrometry in protein research has revolutionized the analysis of the large and complex molecules. Different ionization techniques and mass detectors were developed that dramatically has increased the sensitivity, accuracy and resolution of the mass spectrometers in the last 25 years. Also, the mass spectrometers were interfaced with liquid chromatography separation, further expanding the range of applications.

Today, mass spectrometry analysis is an indispensable part of biopharmaceutical research.

At Protagen Protein Services GmbH we apply modern mass spectrometry techniques to the analysis of biomolecules using set of different mass spectrometry techniques:

MALDI-TOF MS (matrix assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight MS) is a mass spectrometry method that is widely used in protein and glycan research. The new generation MALDI mass spectrometers allow a precise mass determination of proteins, peptides and glycans as well as the fragmentation (=MS/MS) of these to derive protein or peptide sequence data. This increases the confidence in protein or peptide identification significantly.

LC-ESI-MS is a hyphenated mass spectrometry technique that combines resolving power of HPLC separation with the high mass accuracy of a mass spectrometer. As such, it is useful for the determination of the intact protein mass or the in-depth analysis of protein or peptide mixtures. The coupling to the HPLC allows quantifying the detected features either by UV or by the MS signal intensity. The HPLC can either be interfaced with a ion trap or a q-TOF ESI mass spectrometer.

MALDI-ISD (matrix assisted laser desorption ionization – in source decay) is a mass spectrometry method that is used for the simultaneous sequencing of protein N- and C-termini. The sequencing occurs without cleaving the sample with chemicals or enzymes. In contrast to Edman sequencing, MALDI-ISD will also sequence blocked termini.

For the analysis of mass spectrometry data sets, Protagen has excellent bioinformatics expertise as we have developed algorithms that allow getting more information out of the mass spectra.

Mass spectrometry is increasingly used in the ICHQ6B compliant analysis of biopharmaceuticals.

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