IMG_4883MALDI-ISD (matrix assisted laser desorption ionization – in source decay) is a mass spectrometry method that is used for the simultaneous sequencing of protein N- and C-termini. The sequencing occurs without cleaving the sample with chemicals or enzymes. In contrast to Edman sequencing, MALDI-ISD will also sequence blocked termini.

The bioinformatics expertise of Protagen Protein Services GmbH allows interpreting the MALDI-ISD spectra much more reliably and efficiently.

The knowledge about the N- and C-terminus of a protein is important e.g. to confirm that the full-length product has been expressed or to confirm that a signal peptide has been cleaved off.

The intact protein is mixed with a matrix, crystallized on a MALDI target and ionized using a UV laser system. The ions are then detected in a time-of-flight analyzer. The data sets are then imported into a data evaluation software for further data reprocessing.

MALDI ISD can complement a large range of further analysis such as:

Protagen’s protein analysis package is designed to encompass the requirements of ICH guidelines (in particular ICH Q6B).

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