IMG_4848Protagen Protein Services GmbH has excellent technical knowledge and long-standing experience in the detailed characterization of antibodies and antibody products such as:

  • Recombinant monoclonal IgG-Type
  • Polyclonal IgG
  • Fusion proteins
  • Fc-constructs
  • Fab-fragments
  • Β-functional antibodies

Protagen Protein Services GmbH provides individual analyses or a comprehensive characterization package customised to suit your requirements and to provide data required by the regulatory authorities.

Protagen Protein Services GmbH provides a strategic approach for characterizing biopharmaceutical products. Analysis is performed in a GMP compliant laboratory using validated techniques to satisfy the latest regulatory requirements.

Guideline requires

Protagen Protein Services GmbH Offers

Structural characterization and confirmation

Amino acid sequence

Amino acid composition

N- & C-terminal sequencing

Peptide mapping

S-S bridge analysis

Glycosylation analysis

Physicochemical properties

Molecular weight or size

Isoform pattern

Extinction coefficient

Electrophoretic patterns

Liquid chromatographic patterns

Spectroscopic profiles

Via Partner

Process and product related impurities

Host cell proteins

Truncated forms

Post-translational modifications (PTM)


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Dr. Thomas Flad

Director Business Development
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