thumb IMG 6717Proteases are an enzyme class showing very diverse specificities and characteristics. Some have one specific substrate in vivo while some are much more promiscuous. This makes it very difficult to detect unknown protease contaminations, which are a major problem in production and storage of protein or peptide based pharmaceuticals and diagnostic assays.

PPS produces highly specific FRET substrates (sequence either directly deriving from drug substance or adapted to assay issues) to detect proteolytic enzymes in pharmaceutical and diagnostic raw materials and for the in-process control of the production of therapeutic proteins throughout USP (Upstream Processing) and DSP (Downstream Processing).


Applications in Pharma-Biotech

  • Optimization and characterization of Up-Stream and Down-Stream-Processing (USP&DSP) steps in the context of protease burden
  • Characterization of protein-containing or protein-based drugs
  • Comparability of protein-containing or protein-based drugs
  • Assessment of presence of proteases in drug product causing stability issues


 Application in Diagnostics

  • Quality control of protein-based raw materials such as Serum Albumin or IgG molecules
  • Quality control of complex buffers or of final immuno assay used as diagnostic kit


Development of a fluorescence resonance energy transfer peptide library technology for detection of protease contaminants in protein-based raw materials used in diagnostic assays; Kapprell HP, Maurer A, Kramer F, Heinrich B, Buenning C, Narvaez A, Kalbacher H, Flad T (download

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