IMG_6717A protein is more than the sum of its amino acids

When looking at a protein in drug development, the first step you’ll most likely want to take is an analysis of its amino acids and covalent bonds, or primary structure.

Our scientists meticulously characterize primary structure by using several separate but interlinked analysis techniques. They cross-validate the findings so that you don’t just receive the stand-alone results of each of the techniques, but an integrated report showing how the results combine to tell you more. This is something that we at Protagen do exceptionally well.

We don’t just do the bare minimum.

We are well versed in the most important techniques used to analyze primary structure today. Your project may benefit from a couple or more; we’ll work with you to design a methodology that best suits your needs.

You can choose from the following services:

Peptide mapping is both a regulatory requirement under ICH Q6B and a powerful tool for understanding how a protein may be modified to suit your purpose.

De-novo sequencing is carried out when the sequence of the protein is not yet available in publicly accessible protein or genome databases. It requires painstaking manual work by very experienced specialist scientists.

Intact mass gives the molecular weight of proteins, as required under ICH Q6B. When combined with the results of other analyses, it also becomes a tool for better understanding entire protein structure.

N/C-terminal sequencing is a key part of ICH Q6B, which states that characterizing the N- and C-terminal amino acids identifies the “nature and homogeneity” of the protein.

Disulfide linkage is also a key part of ICH Q6B. We have the option of using two types of methods, one of which will be better suited to your particular needs.

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