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What happens if, after peptide mapping has been done, the protein or peptide sequence cannot be found in publicly accessible protein or genome databases?
We carry out de novo sequencing, which does not require reference to public databases. It allows for a full understanding of mass spectrometry results without having to rely on external information.

De novo sequencing is a very useful technique because of the information it can provide, but it requires manual work, bioinformatics expertise and advanced software.

This is where Protagen can help.

We can perform de novo sequencing very efficiently because we’ve created and refined our own algorithms to enable the delivery of fast, accurate results. And because we specialize in biopharmaceutical proteins and have our own bioinformatics team, you get specialized service dedicated to solving your research question.

Technical information

After enzymatic digestion of a protein and MS/MS analysis of the resulting peptides, de novo sequencing can be used to make degenerated primers that allow for the amplification of the corresponding gene. This can then be used, for example, to recombinantly express the protein of interest for a more detailed structural analysis.

De novo sequencing is also used to determine the amino acid sequence of a full-length protein, such as an antibody from a natural source.

De novo sequencing typically uses a combination of traditional sequencing approaches, such as Edman sequencing, peptide mapping by MALDI-MS/MS or LC-ESI-MS/MS, as well as advanced analyses, such as N- and C-terminal sequencing by MALDI-ISD.

Depending on the application, sequencing is possible on samples before or after prior separation by HPLC, SDS-PAGE or 2D PAGE.

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